DIY USA Flag Full Nail Art Sticker™

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Why don't we pick up a DIY fashion project for our self that accentuates our  feeling of patriotism. A Nail Wrap sticker which covers your beautiful nails as if you have covered it with a USA National Flag......which is exclusively designed for women of substance, a which matches your ideology. Yes woman....this set is for you and you are gonna ❤️❤️❤️ it


  1. Clean and buff your nails.
  2. Peel off the cover and select the nail wrap best fits your cuticle size.
  3. Gently lift the nail wrap by the silver tab.
  4. First apply at the cuticle side.
  5. Smooth the wrap towards the nail edge until wrinkle free.
  6. Lift the wrap gently to re-apply where necessary.
  7. File off the excess wrap in a straight down motion.

Removal: Remove with your favorite nail polish remover or gently peel off the nail wraps.

Dimensions and weight:

Width: 17mm-8.5mm, approx 14g

Package : 2 Sheets/ pack


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