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Osmanthus Essential Oil Flower Petals Handmade Soap™

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Are you looking for a product to fight your acne problem…are you looking for a product to deal with the freckle problem….you’ve landed on right spot…..Osmanthus Essential Oil Flower Petals Handmade Soap …..is a great solution for your multiple problems. This Natural handmade hand soap is great for face or body. Relaxes, reduces stress and depression.  It leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and re-hydrated. Helps to heal stretch marks and fade the dark spots. Made from the natural extracts and collagen. Mixed with a variety of vitamins which nourishes the skin.


Product Name:Osmanthus Essential Oil Soap
Shelf Life:3years
Net Volume:110g
Main Ingredients:
Saponin,Soapberry, Osmanthus extracts, Flower petals
Moisturizing,Skin(for both face and body) Whitening,Skin Smooth,
Makeup Removal


1.Please put the product out of the children's reach.
2.External use only,avoid eyes.
3.Stop using if you feel any uncomfortable
4.Please place in a cool and dry place, avoid high temperature or sunshine.
5.Avoid this product if you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients in this product.

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